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Melko Web Site.

Hello again, world.

We have completed the new business website for Mel Koutchavlis Photography PTY LTD! Since she was looking for an easier spelled website and e-mail domain, we have changed it from www.koutchavlis.com to www.melko.co so that she would not have to spell mailing details on the phone to every single client of hers. In addition to Melko’s beautiful design and spot on copy, we implemented a really handy tool: PROOFS. That’s how, the photographer will upload her recent work to the “Proofs” gallery and the client will access the proofs with the password photographer has set. After the successful login, the client will be able to pick out her favourites, the photographer will see them and process them with ease! No more Dropboxing, no more Google Driving, no more Hightailing for our client and her clients!
Examples and the URL are below…
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