What’s in the record player – 1st Quarter, 2017.

By Posted in - Out and about on April 27th, 2017 Record Player of 80 Proof

Greetings everyone. 

After not thinking about it a lot, we decided to post our (Alex’s and Matt’s) top 3 songs quarterly. Although we are into jazz, blues and rock the most, some of the results coming out of our Spotify and Apple Music accounts are really interesting. Data. We love it.


Horrorshow – If You Know What I Mean

“Horrorshow are our homeboys even though they don’t know it. We live in the Inner West, we work in the Inner West just like them and I love the beats and rhymes P Smurf rocks out.”

Wires on Fire – Sleeping Witches

“This is such a pearl I ran into, from my “exploration”. I always adored the lo-fi tuned garage bands and Wires on Fire pleased me more than enough with this piece of work they have gifted to us.”

Bear McCreary – The Walking Dead Main Title Theme (UNKLE Remix)

“I always called electronic music ‘Macbook Music’ and I always will but shuffle blew me away when it brought that up as I was walking in the dark, in Camperdown Memorial Park. It was the Good Friday of Easter and there was absolutely no-one in the park. Creepy, innit?”


Adele – Rolling in the Deep

“Everybody agrees that Adele has such a strong voice. This song improves my morale and ambition levels every single time I have it on my headphones whilst working.”

Pulp – Underwear

“This song from a band formed in 1978 shows how ‘good music’ lasts forever. Also, somehow I think these riffs are so similar to Creep, by Radiohead.”

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

“I am out of words to explain why this track is in my Top 3 really.”

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